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Custom Sanitation Solutions
PowerClean Technologies offers a selection of detergent products for specialty and industrial applications. Cleaning products for specific items are available: from truck wash to food plant sanitation; from freezers to smoke houses; from engines to air purification systems. Sunburst has the right product for the job.

The selections above are a guide to specific detergents for specialty and industrial applications for which they excel. Talk with your PowerClean Technologies sales representative to select a product or combination of products that will help efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize your work area.


Supermarket - Sanitation Program
The Supermarket Program offered by PowerClean Technologies is a complete sanitation program that provides quality chemical products and dispensing equipment combined with superior service and customer training to ensure that supermarkets using this program are clean and bacteria free.

The objectives of a corporate endorsed sanitation program may be summarized as follows:

  • It offers grocery stores a sanitation program that will be simple to use, effective on soil, safe to employees and cost competitive.
  • It is a proven sanitation program that will provide for consistent methods and results within all stores of like size.
  • It offers retailers a cutting edge sanitation program that will not become outdated in the foreseeable future.
  • It creates a store environment that looks clean and provides an atmosphere for a pleasant shopping experience for each customer.

PowerClean Technologies' Supermarket Sanitation Program is a complete program including products, dispensing equipment, support materials and service. This complete program approach allows the store to maximize store cleanliness and appearance to maintain a competitive edge in today's marketplace. The program also works toward protecting the store's bottom line in many cost saving ways.

  • Low Cost Program
    PowerClean Technologies' program is a comprehensive, cost-effective program designed to enhance your store's appearance and cleaniness from the stock room sanitation to rest room maintenance. The solid detergent dilution control systems used in our program deliver the most efficient, ready-to-use chemicals ensuring the lowest possible monthly chemical use-cost in the store.
  • Reduced Product Overusage
    Our solid detergents are dispensed through a portion control system that eliminates the opportunity for employees to over use the products.
  • Reduced Inventory Requirements
    Solid detergent chemistry requires LESS THAN 20% of the space needed for traditional liquid detergents thus leaving more space in the store room for revenue producing product.
  • No Pilferage
    Due to the need for dispensing equipment with solid detergents, the likelihood of product pilferage is virtually eliminated.
  • Reduce Staff Time for Purchasing
    PowerClean Technologies' service technicians assume responsibility for monitoring and maintaining adequate inventory at the store.
  • Reduce Risk for Employees
    Solid detergents are the safest form of detergents available on the market today. Solids in their natural state cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand which greatly reduces the potential for employee contact with chemicals, in turn reducing employer risk and exposure.
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Food Safety
    The very implementation of this program strongly demonstrates a store's commitment to food safety.
  • Training
    PowerClean Technologies will provide a complete training program and support materials.
  • Service
    Each store will receive regular and emergency service visits. The objective is to work with store personnel toward the mutual goal of a clean and sanitary store environment.
  • Reporting
    Each service visit generates an electronic service report that is delivered to all designated personnel and kept on file. These reports may even help to minimize a health agency's questions and concerns.

Convenience Store - Sanitation Program

The Convenience Store Sanitation Program utilized by PowerClean Technologies was created for cleaning and sanitizing throughout a C-Store and is designed around the most advanced detergents, sanitizers, and dispensing systems to create the optimum advantages for the store operation.

The program consists of three solid products (detergents and sanitizers). The system is compact, safe, simple, controlled and cost effective. The program components, which include products, a dispensing system, a training manual, and instructional wall signs, are highlighted to the right.

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