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Janitorial/Housekeeping Services

In addition to keeping overhead low, PowerClean Technologies' revolutionary solid detergents meet the sanitation demands of the food service industry with ease of use and accurate control.

  • Floors
    PowerClean Technologies offers products for most any floor cleaning project including carpet extraction, floor finish, strippers and disinfecting. Whether your application is a mop job or one that requires an auto scrubber; a quarry floor or a heavily abused cement factory floor; a commercial warehouse or a finely-finished shopping mall entry-way; PowerClean has the products to make it look like new.
  • Restrooms
    PowerClean carries all of the products necessary for cleaning floors, walls and toilet fixtures. Tub & tile and glass cleaners complete the job. PowerClean's products offer superior performance in removing soap scum, water spots and films, leaving your restroom area with a fresh clean scent.
  • Glass & Hard Surfaces
    PowerClean Technologies offers glass and hard surface cleaners in all forms - a solid, a liquid concentrate and an aerosol for sparkling results on mirrors, windows and other hard surfaces.
  • General Purpose/Spray & Wipe
    PowerClean's general purpose cleaners offer the ultimate in flexibility. Detergents are available for specific needs such as detergent/ disinfectant, hard surface cleaning, or neutral pH detergent. Choose products for specific areas, or select one broad-based product for all your general purpose spray & wipe needs.
  • Drain Treatment
    PowerClean Technologies offers higher concentration detergents for heavy-duty applications. Dumpster areas, car wash bays, factory floor and food plant cleaning are among the places where PowerClean's products goes to work.
  • Hand Soaps
    Anti-bacterial hand soaps are an important part of any sanitation program. PowerClean Technologies offers a choice of Food Grade, E1 and E2-rated antibacterial hand cleaning products.

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